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Last Updated: March 14, 2005



What's up yall. It's Violent J again, a.k.a. the original Fat Joe, up in this mother fuckin' bitch-ass bitch with yet another fresh weekly freekly update. First let me say this...

I wanna thank everybody that sent in their congratulations on the birth of my baby boy. That was an unexpected and fresh surprise to get all that fresh-ass mail. We really appreciate the love from yall. Some ninjas even sent him lil' hook-ups to wear and all that. Man that is some special shit. I wanna thank all yall for them shows of love. My baby boy will only grow to learn just how big his family actually is. That's dope yall.


The Gathering is COMING once AGAIN! I can't fuckin' wait. We got so many, sooooooooooo many new suprises that are going down this year, it's sick. If yall only knew.

Last year, on that last Sunday night, it was the greatest ever. I know all yall Gathering Juggalos know what Club Chaos is... well, last year I stayed at Club Chaos on that last night, until after the sun came up. It was incredibly fresh and I'll tell you why. First off, I had spent the whole night cruisin' around the grounds like we always do, going back and forth from the Rude Boy's party to parties out in the woods. I finally landed and stayed put at Club Chaos.

I was chillin' there, talking with ninjas for hours, because everywhere else it was startin' to wrap up and ninjas were packing up to leave. But at Club Chaos it was a special atmosphere because the DJ kept bumpin' until it was a sunny, Monday morning. I watched the whole transformation and I'll never forget it. It went from about 300 ninjas at 5:00 am down to about 200 ninjas by 6:30 am. Then, by 8:00 am, there was still about 50 of us still left at Club Chaos, refusing to stop dancing, smoking or drinking. Finally at about 9:30 am it was time to call it quits. But I watched the whole transformation happen. I watched the whole scene go from a bomb-ass, packed-in, Juggalo-only night club/dance club all the way down to about 6 Juggalos dancin' in the dirt, in the middle of the woods, in the daytime. And I was Juggalo number 7, just chillin'. I didn't want to go home either. I really didn't want it to stop. But when the sun was beating on my face, and you could see how dirty and muddy everybody had gotten all night, it was time to hang it up.

We'll, finally, it's pickin' right back up where we left off AGAIN!!! Come through and be true, because we need you too.


Did you know that bright colors, especially the color white, reflects sunlight and the color black attracts sunlight? That's why golfers dress like clowns. And did you know that after 3 days in the sunlight, when I go home after the Gathering and take off the paint, I have sunburns right where the black paint goes? So if I'm shopping at Best Buy or something I have the paint burned onto my face right where it should be. There's no frontin'. It's me. They know it's me all day.


I officially have some very big, official announcments to make officially. First and foremost, we are turning up the heat here at Psychopathic. Yes it's true. The heat is gettin' hot and I mean that truthfully. It's all the way up in this bitch. This is gearing up to be a fuckin' fresh-ass year.

I'm about to educate your brain's nucleus with some brand-new news. I'm gonna feed your hungry brains with the dope that you like. So much shit is going down here at the Hatchet that it's starting to get nuclear around here. I'm serious. Ninjas at the Hatchet are glowing. Alex wears a radiation suit to work everyday. Stefan has got a third arm growing outta his forehead. We're entering these new days faster than we can even wake up for them. The whole Hatchet staff has decided that now is the time for taking many new chances and heading for new directions. I'm telling you that there is a 1,000 different energies working on a million different projects all at once up in this bitch. Molecules are all fuzing together to form one mass power-surge for a brand-new massive attack.


Jumpsteady's, full-length monster is called "Master of the Flying Guillotine" and it's out right now. You know that already. That's obvious just by looking at all the severed heads laying all over the streets.

This is my official statment about Jump's record, and eat a bowl of balls if you don't like it because this is my opinion: "If you don't like Jumpsteady's new record then you're probably either an asshole or an idiot." You're an Asshole meaning you're probably not down with it because it's so original and different from anything else in pop culture. That would make you an Asshole of course. Either that or your steady-sleepin' on it and you ain't even heard it yet which, of course, would make you an Idiot. So if you don't like his new album then your either an asshole or an idiot. Pick one, and write it on your forehead, bitch.

For everybody else, yall already know that the album is a true, very for-real-ass, Juggalo album worth every effort to buy, steal, or dub that mother fucker. The whole crew at Psychopathic all met at Jumpsteady's house the other day and had a fresh toast in his honor. That fuckin' record is awesome.

On deck, launchin' off the Hatchet S.S. Aircraft Carrier, with upcoming release dates are Esham's album slash fuckin' movie, ABK's album slash fuckin' movie, Twiztid's many millions of super sadistic suprises... there filming as well yall, and not to mention me and Shaggy's new bullet to your head. Yall already know what the fuck time it is. But did you know, that a new group has been recording like mad?? A brand new, Hatchet group has been recording up at the Lotus Pod for the last 3 weeks? A group with brand new ninjas in it? Yes, the rumors are very true... something Soopa is finally in the works yall. Look for the Soopa Villainz release date to be announced within the packaging of ICP's "The CALM" EP.

Who is Soopa Villainz? Who's in the group? What is the group? What's it gonna sound like, be like? That's all a total suprise that only me and your mother know. You're just gonna have to turn that crank and see for yourself when you pluck that Calm joint. I'll promise you only one thing for now... it's gonna be fuckin' fan-fuckin'-tabulous. ALL BRAND-NEW STYLES, BRAND-NEW SOUNDS. And I mean that.


I wanted to announce something that is extra special to me and Shaggy about our upcoming EP "The Calm". I wanted to let yall know who's gonna be producing the record with us. NOBODY, BYATCH. Now ICP has always worked with some of the underground's finest when it comes to our music. Shit, we keep our shit hot. Yall know that, but know this now: On "The Calm" EP, from top to bottom, Shaggy and me decided that we wanted to do this one truly alone. We even fuckin' engineered it all ourselves. We recorded, produced, played, engineered, scratched, wrote, rhymed, sang, tricked, flipped, fixed and mixed this shit by our DAMN selves. Like 2 fuckin' Beethovens, we conducted that shit into perfection.

Man, you SEE THAT SHIT? We're STILL OUT HERE LEARNING and GROWING. Don't be scurd to tell us that's fresh either, because it is dude.

Dont get stupid, we love incorporating various beats and music from other fresh ninjas into our shit, and we always will; like I said, we keep our shit HOT. We like taking our shit everywhere. But for this one, it's just Violent J and Shaggy Shagg's up on this woman. SO EXPECT SOME NEW SOUNDING FLAVOR! Shhhhhhit, WHAT IF THIS SHIT SOUNDS BETTER THAN ANYTHING WE'VE EVER DONE? Will you poop your panties? Yes you will. And that's nasty too.

Also I can't wait till yall hear about the upcoming ICP projects we got commin' out this year. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit. Just wait like a stranded hoe... Inside "The Calm", we're droppin' news big enough to send our planet outta orbit and straight into the black hole.


We're about to create a fuckin' star. Just like American Idol does for gay radio stations and lame fuck video channels everywhere, The Underground Psychos Contest will do for the Juggalo world. It's time to create some brand new underground heroes up in this piece of bitch. And we know that this fuckin' fresh-ass contest (that Jamie Madrox the 1st, came up with) will do just that. This bitch will make you famous where it matters the most and that's within the Juggalo World. Even the ninjas that come in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place are gonna get some mad exposure and love outta this shit.

Wait till you see how fuckin' hot it's gonna get when it starts boilin' down. We're going to bring the final 7 groups into Detroit for a fat-ass concert and the last two finalists are gonna play at the Gathering! They both get to play on Friday and the winner gets announced on Sunday! It's gonna be a lot of fuckin' fun writing about 'em all.

I was checkin' out some of the entries the other day and some of that shit is pretty fuckin' heavy. Some of you ninjas got some good ideas and I know you're gonna be powerful in the contest. Then again, some of yall ninjas straight-up-and-down fuckin' suck too. And I can't wait to let yall know that. Yeah bitch, it's gonna be ruthless. Because I'm guessin' some of you only had dreams of being in the rap game after reading about this contest. Some of you sent in demos that your own mother would slap you for. BUT EVERYBODY COUNTS. You'll all have a fair chance though. Some of you mother fuckers are straight-up dope as hell, and probably don't even know it yet. We at the Hatchet have been looking for a new artist for about a year now, and finally decided, "man, fuck this.. let's let the fuckin' Juggalo world pick our new artists! That way we can't loose." And so it is.


Jumpsteady, the master of severing melons, is at it again. From the ninjas that brought you Morton's List, comes a fuckin' brand new, extremely flavorful game. This one is called "The Halls of Shangri-La". This game is completely different from Morton's List. This one is a super-fresh, Juggalo boardgame. I'm talkin' sooper fuckin' fresh. It's gonna come in a box with the fresh dice, the hundreds of playing cards, the board, the characters and every fuckin' thang. This game is straight-up fuckin' Juggalo themed too. It's entirely based, top to bottom, on the whole Juggalo world: past and present. I've play-tested the game many times and it's fuckin mad inventive and imaginative. I mean right when you see the board, you'll know that. The game and cards are funny as hell. It's coming out as soon as we can get it out. In fact it's comin' out as soon as it takes the company to make them and package them up for us. And that shouldn't take too long. We should have a release date for "The Halls of Shangri-La" sometime next month I hope. Hopefully, maybe, we're shootin' for it to come out at the Gathering! Don't bet your scrotum on it though.


ICP Will never, ever stop touring. Know that. Rest easy knowing that. We plan to tour as often as we always have for as long as we can still breath. Even with pacemakers. We'll both be laying on stretchers with machinery hooked up to us before we ever stop. Touring is just something we love to do more than anything else. We love to get out and see all the fuckin' people that bump our shit. It's the greatest thing ever and we're so fuckin' blessed to be able to do it. But what about in-between tours?

Juggalos, with the new days we will now bring about new ways. Like I said, Psychopathic is turning up the heat. We're about to get out and play LIVE a lot more yall. We're going to start doing what we call "HOUSE JAMS". What that means is were gonna start playing some lil' shows, here and there for no real reason other than for the fact that we love it. We havn't done that in years and I don't really know why. These HOUSE JAMS will feature no big stage sets either. Just a fresh-ass, old-school banner, a fuckin' deep box full of Faygo and some trampolines, baby (I know my boy Vinnie is feelin' that).

The only thing Juggalos can expect from our sporatic "HOUSE JAMS" is to get your head rocked with old-school classics, and your face rocked with Faygo. Over the past 50 years, ICP for the most part has only done shows as part of national tours. And that's been cool, but back in the day, you could always catch a HOUSE JAM here and there. You didn't always have to wait for another tour to see us live. Well, all that is about to change now. We're about to start doing GORILLA HOUSE JAMS, bitch. Everywhere. We'll announce every show here on the website. But all this doesn't start happenin' until after the Gathering. Because, until then, Shaggy and myself have mad work to do at THE LOTUS POD. BEEEEEEEEATCH!


Look, I might not know about what's cool and what's hip in the mainstream world, I'll gladly admit that. I know nothing about the fuckin' latest fasions and styles out there, but I do know about the art of madness... Being a Lo Daddy is the shit, because it means that you probably dress a lil' unlike anyone else around you. You probably don't completely fit in with them. Your original, unique, and off the tracks. That's what it means to be a Juggalo. I myself am a 17th level Ninja Master-Lo to the 19th degree. SO, I like to think that I have an idea about what's fashionable to us. Therefore it's my civic duty to drop some new styles of "Violent Wear" for the spring and summer days. Yes, it's true. I have designed some brand new, fresh T-shirts for ya, if your interested.

Some Juggalos may remember my first line of classic Violent Wear shirts we put out. The "Murder" shirt, and the "I've Killed Somebody" shirts we're dope. I still see them on a few ninjas here and there and I get geeked every time. My other "100% Violent" shirt was a flop though. Rightfully so, looking back, it was kinda stale.

Well, after months of preparations and investigations, I've finally come up with some new styles. Now wait a minute... in case you forgot, "Violent Wear" shirts each come with a matching skully too, because I believe that a mother fucker should always try to look his best when he's committing atrocities. And these shirts ain't your average cheap fuckin' "Band Swag" like they sell everywhere. "Violent Wear" is always authentic and sweetly-stitched, bitch. "Violent Wear" is designed to show off and highlight your true insanities. My works are designed to accent and bring forth the axe-murderish beast within you. These shirts are for the more intellectual Frankensteins out there.

My other T-Shirts we're good shit, but they get buried by my new shit. I got fuckin' 5 brand-new styles to slap your face up with. Each style comes with the tiny Hatchetman on the back, and the Violent Wear logo patch on the bottom left of the front, fresh-style.

The Crop Circle T-Shirt

This shirt represents the brand new days of Insane Clown Posse. Perhaps this shirt will make more sense and will be more understood after "The Calm" EP is released. A Black T-Shirt with a wheat color embroidered crop circle on the front. (Also available in a wheat color T-Shirt with black embroidering)

The 2 Classic Face-Paint T-Shirts

A Black T-Shirt with white embroidered, classic face paint designs on the front. Available in either Violent J or Shaggy Shaggs.

The Monoxide Tribute

This T-Shirt is the fresh tribute to Twiztid's Monoxide. It features a new Cartoon logo of Monoxide's head, and he's got about 300 lit cigarettes in his mouth. A dark-green T-Shirt with white cartoon embroidered on the front, on the back it says "Smoking" in a circle.

The Crooked Preacha Killas T-Shirt

A Black T-Shirt with the blood-red C.P.K's logo embroidered on front, on the back, it says "Leave the Kids Alone"

Oh and dont even play bitch, all my shit comes in fat kid sizes all day.



The last thing I wanna do here is to wish all my boys luck and lots of freshness out there on the Psychopathic All-Stars Tour. As of today they are 5 Shows deep into the month long BANGA! They played Columbus, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, and Worchester tonight. Whatever you do, don't sleep! Pin your eyelids open with toothpicks if you gotta. Don't miss these shows, Juggalos. Lavel is out there on stage hype mannin' em up! Don't miss this show.

And please don't sit there like a dufus and think ICP won't be showing up on a few selected dates to rock a few of our own joints as well. Where? When? Where you ask? Well, one place comes to mind. There is this one fresh city way on the west coast that's full of underground Juggalos but the city officials won't seem to let us play there anymore. Maybe we can just SNEEK in and do a lil' something under the radar. Maybe my boy Eddie Veddar can pick us up at the airport...

Until then, Peace and much clown love to all yall Juggalos and Juggalettes. We love yall forever and always. Also much love to the Juggalo Websites that keep this bitch moving, and I mean that.

Peace, until next week's Weekly Freekly (yeah right), I'm outta this bitch like Dick Clark.

Much Clown Love yall,

Violent J

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