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ICP,Esham, and NATAS cd'z (no pictutes of some of the cd's mad props to FLH for the help)
Esham/NATAS cd catalog
Below is the cd listing of Esham and natas. if u never heard of em.
Boomim words from hell 1990
01. Esham's Boomin'
02. My 9 Rhymes
03. 4 All The Suicidalists
04. Dream Girl
05. Devil's Groove
06. True
07. Knockin Em Dead
08. Red Rum
09. Kissing Bandit
10. Some Old Wicket Shit!!!
11. Cross My Heart
12. Amen Another Sin
13. Pussy Ain't Got No Face
14. Word After Word
15. Wish You Was Down
16. Devils In The Soup
Homey Don't Play 1990
01. Homey Don't Play!
02. Old Wicketshit!!! (Remix)
03. Out Of Your Mind
04. Crewzin Down 7 Mile
Erotic Poetry 1990  
01. Erotic Poetry
02. The Jaw Bone!
03. The Real Feel
04. "Pleaze"
Erotic Poetry Part 2 1990  
01. Erotic Poetry
02. The Jaw Bone!
03. The Real Feel
04. "Pleaze"
Judgement Day Vol. 1 1992  
01. Nine Dead Bodies
02. Intro Boogieman
03. The Boogieman
04. How Do I Plead To Homicide
05. I'd Rather Be Dead
06. Mama Was A Junkie
07. Once You Go Black
08. Makin' More Music
09. Hit And Run
10. Thinkin' To Myself
11. Fallen Angel
12. I Met This Little Girlie
13. Acid
14. Devilish Mood
15. My Last Words
16. Losin' My Religion
Judgement Day Vol. 2 1992  
01. Judgement Day
02. Living In Incest
03. Play Dead
04. 13 Ways
05. Finger In The Cake Mix
06. The Devil Gets Funky
07. Crib Death
08. Dead By Day
09. Wake The Dead
10. Dumb Bitch
11. U Wanna Know Something
12. Hoe Role
13. Dyin To Be Down
14. Sell Me Yo Soul
15. We Got Some Nonbelievers
Finger In The Cake Mix (single) 1992   01. Fallen Angel
02. Finger In The Cake Mix
Helterskkkelter 1992  
01. Hellterskkkellter
02. Rocks Off!
03. Be-4
04. Devil's Night!
KKKill The Fetus 1993  
01. What Is Evil
02. Symptoms Of Insanity
03. Runnin' From Me!
04. Voices In My Head
05. No Singing/Misery
06. Jackie
07. Game Of Death
08. Headache/Wet Day Dreamer
09. Hot Booty
10. I Thought You Knew
11. If This Ain't Hell
12. My Understanding Is Zero
13. Perpetration
14. Freak Nasty
15. Headhunter
16. Kkkill The Fetus
17. Don't Blame Me!
18. You Still Hoe'n
19. Sunshine
20. My Mind's Blowin Up!
21. Get On Down
22. 666
23. Hellter Skkkelter
Sunshine (single) 1993  
01. Sunshine (Radio Mix)
02. Sunshine (Radio Edit)
Maggot Brain Theory 1994  
01. Comin' Out A Coma
02. Maggot Brain Theory
03. Traces Of My Bloodtype
04. Stop Diggin' On Da D-L
05. I Know You Hate Me
Closed Casket 1994  
01. The Eulogy
02. The Wicketshit Will Never Die
03. My Homie Got Shot
04. Mental Stress
05. Can't Take It Wit Cha
06. Brainwashed
07. Drive U2 Suicide
08. Chatty Ass Nigga
09. Slug from A 45
10. Was It Sum'n I Said
11. Flatline
12. I Don't Owe You Shit
13. Therapy
14. Make Me Wanna Holla
15. Would You Die For Me
16. 2 Dollahoe
17. 24/7
18. Diggin On Da D-L
19. Premature Ejaculation
20. I'll Be Glad When You Dead
21. Closed Casket
Stop Diggin' On Da D-L (single) 1994   01. Stop Diggin' On Da D-L (Radio Mix)
02. Stop Diggin' On Da DL (Instrumental)
Mental Stress (single) 1994  
01. Mental Stress (Clean)
02. Mental Stress (Explicit)
The Fear [Morty's Theme] (single) 1995  
01. The Fear [Morty's Theme] (Radio version)
02. The Fear [Morty's Theme] (LP version)
Dead Flowerz 1996  
01. What
02. You Betta Ask Somebody
03. Tony Montana
04. Kill Or Be Killed
05. What Did I Do Wrong
06. Foodstamp
07. Any Style You Want
08. Killagram
09. One Day
10. Fried Chicken
11. Because
12. Black Orchid
13. Trick Wit Me
14. If I Can't Have You
15. Hold U Up
16. U Aint Fresh
17. Charlie Manson
18. Silicone
19. Wit Yo Punk Azz
20. Where All My Nigz At
You Betta Ask Somebody (single) 1996   No Tracklist Available
Bruce Wayne Gothom City 1987 1997   01. Comerica
02. You Still Ain't Shit To Me
03. 7 Mile Rd.
04. Lowlafalana
05. Change Ya Mind
06. You And Me
07. Gimmie Ya Love
08. Who Is Bruce Wayne?
09. 1987
10. You Betta Ask Somebody
11. Where My B At
12. Fuck Da Fame
13. Seems Like Yesterday
14. ?
15. ?
16. Detective
17. Nervous
18. ?
19. ?
20. ?
21. Gothom City
Detroit Dogshit 1998  
01. Mental Stress
02. Fear
03. Rockz Off!
04. 4 All The Suicidalist
05. Get My Head Together
06. Acid
07. Losin' My Religion
08. I'd Rather Be Dead
09. Mama Was A Junkie
10. Outcha Mind
11. Word After Word
12. Wicket Shit
13. Pussy Ain't Got No Face
14. Devil's Groove
15. Maggot Brain Theory
16. I'll Be Glad When You Dead
17. 30 Birdz
18. S.O.M.D.
19. Flatline
20. Wake The Dead
Twirk Yo Body (single) 1999  
01. Twirk Yo Body
Mail Dominance 1999  
01. We Cumin For U
02. Slow Motion
03. Outcha Atmosphere
04. E-Mail
05. Reload
06. Au Revoir
07. I'm Lovin It
08. YouknowUcan'tride
09. King Of Hearts
10. Whoa
11. Obiest
12. Twirk Yo Body
13. Night Vision
14. Getthefugoutmyface
15. Ozonelayer
16. ?
17. Lightyearsaway
18. California Dreamin'
19. No More Mr. Nice Guy
20. Velveeta
21. The Rev.
22. Ah Ha
Esham/Natas Sampler 1999  
01. Comerica
02. E-mail
03. Outcha Atmosphere
04. Black Orchid
05. Multikillionaire
06. Killas Don't Talk
07. Life After Death
08. Doubelievengod
Bootleg From The Lost Vault 2000  
01. KKKill The Fetus
02. As I Rock-n-Roll
03. Redrum
04. Fallen Angel
05. Thinking To Myself
06. Dumb Bitch
07. Morty's Theme
08. Black Orchid
09. Outcha Atmosphere
10. Midnight Hour
11. Price On Ya Head
12. Watch Cha Back
13. What
14. Comerica
15. Suffer The Consequences
16. Monkey Mix 
All Night Everyday 2001  
01. All Night Everyday (Radio Mix Clean)
02. All Night Everyday (Album Version)
03. All Night Everyday (HH Sex Mix)
04. All Night Everyday (Instrumental)
05. All Night Everyday (Acapella)
Tongues 2001  
01. Walkin' On Da Flatline
02. Slippin' Out Amerikkka
03. The D
04. I'm Dead
05. Panic Attack
06. Chemical Imbalance
07. God
08. Detroit
09. Poetry
10. Everyone
11. Crash & Burn
12. Mr. Negativity
13. Pill Me (Feel My Prescription)
14. Brain Surgery
15. Devilshit
16. All Night Everyday
17. I Know
18. So Selfish
19. Envy The Sunshine
20. Love
21. Gloczup
22. Intro (Hallucinagenics)
23. Skydive
24. Fuck A Lover
Acid Rain 2002  
01. Intro
02. Narration 1
03. Red Rum
04. Some Ol' Wicked Shit
05. Out Ya Mind
06. 9 Dead Bodies
07. Play Dead
08. Finger in the Cake Mix
09. Boogie Man
10. Dying To Be Down
11. Narration 2
12. Sunshine
13. No Singing At My Funeral
14. No Fault Insurance
15. Mental Stress
16. Would YoU Die For Me?
17. The Wicked Shit Will Never Die
18. Narration 3
19. Silicone
20. Comerica
21. Lola Falana
22. Nervous
23. Panic Attack
24. Everyone
25. Migrane Headache
26. La La La
27. How Do I Pleade to Homicide?
28. P-P-P-Pow!
29. Redemption
In Detroit (single) 2003  
01. In Detroit
Woo Woo Woo (single) 2003  
01. Woo Woo Woo (Radio Version)
Repentence 2003  
01. Bang
02. Can't Take That
03. Woo Woo Woo
04. Pay
05. No More Dyin'
06. Soopa Doopa
07. Back In Da Day
08. Mommy
09. Hard Times
10. Ex-Girlfriend
11. Look At Me
12. Brick
13. Get Doe
14. Boom
15. Detroit
16. Boss Up
17. Out Cold
18. Dem Boyz
19. No War
20. All Of My Life
Life After Death 1992  
01. Life After Death
02. Did It Like That
03. Dance
04. Toss-Up
05. Bitch Stop Lyin'
06. Bad Guys Never Lose
07. 1 Time 4 Yo Mind
08. Get My Head Together
09. Hell Raiser
10. Bitches On My Mind
11. Mysterious Ways
12. Rock It Deadly
13. Who Am I
14. Spent My Last On A Hoe
15. Bitch U Can't have Me
16. Home Of The Brave
17. Dirty Mind
18. I Ain't Got Shit 2 Lose
19. In The Name Of RLP
20. Dancin' On Ya Grave
 Blaze4Me 1993  
01. Bacindatass4anuthafuc
02. I'm Bout To Do Sum Dirt
03. Hands On My Nut Sac
04. Wet Pussy On Saturday Night
05. He Raped Me
06. All In Yo Head
07. I Ain't Giving Up No Love
08. Get My Dick Out Yo Mouth
09. Stay True To Ya City
10. A Friendly Word 2U Suckas
11. Fucking Up The Program
12. A View 2A Kill
13. Killas Don't Talk
14. U Can't F-Wit Mastamind
15. Anutha Day Anutha Hit
16. Down Since Day One/Pain
17. Blaz4Me
18. Boo Yaa 
 Doubelievengod 1995  
01. Doubelievengod
02. Natas
03. Pop Pop
04. Midnight
05. Itzalright
06. Can I R.I.P.
07. Torture (Feat Dice)
08. We Almost Lost Detroit
09. Heaven
10. I Don't Care
11. Scream
12. Fuck Da World
13. Y'all Will Realize
14. The Night Is Mine
15. Sunday School
16. Mad At The World
17. Propalactic Tacticz
18. No Fault Insurance
 Multikillionaire: The Devil's Contract 1997  
01. Be Careful What U Wish
02. We All Die
03. ?
04. Multikillionaire
05. Ballerz Envy
06. Don't Gimmie No H.A.N./?
07. Oh My God?
08. ?
09. All My Dogs
10. All Sacrifices Made
11. Walk On Water
12. Trick Masta
13. 2 Breast And 1 Biscuit
14. All Praises Due
15. E.Z.
16. Distortion
17. ?
18. Price On Ya Head
19. Blessed But Cursed
20. Record Deal 
 WWW.COM 1999  
01. Telly Savales
02. Kill Me
03. One
04. Another Enemy
05. Oriental Spas
06. Like A Spirit
07. Football
08. Levitation
09. Cyber Kill
10. Forever Fly
11. Metropolis
12. Truth
13. Party People
15. Funeral Parlor
16. Biggest
17. Let It Flow
18. Virgin Mary
19. Bite It
20. Cancun
21. Motivate
 Godlike 2002  
01. Godlike
02. That'z What
03. Make Me Feel Better
04. Bloody Em' Up
05. When Will I See Your Face Again
06. How Could U
07. Get More Cheddar
08. Tell Em' Something
09. They Know
10. My Eyes Don't Cry
11. Halitosis
12. Shady MF
13. It Ain't All About U
14. Can Get Kilt 4 This
15. N-A-T-A-S
16. Bitches I Want To Fuck
17. Tonight
18. Black Vote
19. When U Hit Ya Lowz
20. See Thru
ICP catalog!
Title: Intelligence and Violence
Release Date: 1990
01. Intro
02. Intelligence and Violence
03. The Wizard Of Delray
04. Violent J's The Mack
05. Gangsta' Codes
06. Inner City Posse (Interlude)
07. Gangsta' Times
08. Something To Say
09. Violent Crimes
10. D-Day
Info: Low quality demo tape recorded on kareokee by Violent J and D-Lyrical.

Title: Bass-Ment Cuts
Release Date: 1991
01. Intro
02. Set It Off
03. Lock Down
04. Bitches
05. Insian Fake
06. Play Tha Hoe
07. Ghetto Style
08. The ICP
Info: ICP's first bass-ment album. ICP had a third member, John Kick Chass, on this album. This was only release as dubs and ICP's name was Inner City Posse at this time. These are very rare tapes and only few are still in existance. There was a CD re-release at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 so that ninajs could hear the old school shit!

Title: Dog Beats
Release Date: 1991
01. Ghetto Zone
02. Wizard of Delray
03. Life At Risk
04. Dog Beats
Info: Dog Beats was Inner City Posse's first professional recorded album, of of which song (Wizard of Delray, later Wizzard of the Hood) was featured on Carnival of Carnage. This was an EP tape, but an LP entitled "Gangsta Coads" was set to be released but never happened. There was a CD re-release at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 so that ninajs could hear the old school shit!

Title: Carnival of Carnage
Release Date: 1992
01. Intro
02. Carnival Of Carnage
03. The Juggla
04. First Day Out
05. Red Neck Hoe
06. Wizard Of The Hood
07. Guts On The Ceiling
08. Is That You? w/ Kid Rock
09. Night Of The Axe
10. Psychopathic
11. Blackin' Your Eyes
12. Never Had It Made
13. Your Rebel Flag
14. Ghetto Freak Show
15. Taste w/Esham
Info: The album that started the saga. They're debut album and the first of six Joker's Cards. Although nothing about Joker's Cards are mentioned on this album, it's still percieved as one. This album featured local artists Esham and Kid Rock. This album as was the end of John Kickchass (Shaggy's Brother) in ICP. This was later re-released nationwide without "Blackin' Your Eyes" and "Night of the Axe".

Title: Beverly Kills 50187
Release Date: 1993
01. Beverly Kills
02. 17 Dead
03. The Stalker
04. In the Haughhh!
05. Chop! Chop! (w/ Esham)
06. Joke Ya Mind
Info: ICP comes back with their first side show EP and takes a trip to the richy ass town called Beverly Hills. ICP raises the hatchets and teahces the richy bitches and bigots a mutherfuckin' lesson. Esham is on the song "Chop! Chop!" layin down tha acid rap flava. Although its a short album, its a definate add-on to any collection of Psychopathic cds.

Title: Ringmaster
Release Date: 1994
01. Wax Museum
02. Murder Go Round
03. Chicken Huntin'
04. Mr. Johnson's Head
05. Southwest Song
06. Get Off Me, Dog!
07. Who Asked You
08. The Dead One
09. My Fun House
10. For The Maggots
11. Wagon Wagon
12. The Loons
13. Love Song
14. Bugz On My Nutz
15. House Of Mirrors
16. Ringmaster's Word
Info: The Ringmaster was the second Joker's Card. It sparked a different style of rap in ICP rather than in Carnival of Carnage. It sold more copies than COC and is a cult classic.

Title: Fuck Off! (2 Dope)
Release Date: 1994
01. Fuck Off
02. Clown Luv
03. I'm Not Alone
04. 3 Rings (w/ Violent J)
Info: This is Shaggy's only solo CD released. It has four trakcs of flavor and one (3 Rings) with Violent J. All of these songs are fresh and can be found on Forgotten Freshness: Volumes 1 & 2.

Title: The Terror Wheel
Release Date: 1994
01. The Dead Body Man
02. Skitzofrantic
03. The Smog
04. Out
05. I Stuck Her With My Wang
06. Amy's In The Attic
Info: The Terror Wheel is a popular carnival attraction among the dead. Dead bodies come from across the world to strap in to this spinning, whipping wheel of agony. The wheel never stops, it just keeps spinning and spinning until your body's limbs tear off one by one, eventually seperating your carcus from your seat. Dead people surely love this amusing ride, but as long as the line for the Terror Wheel may be, and despite the many stiffs that would love a chance to ride the wheel, we always have saved a seat for you and your loved ones. Enjoy your life now while you can, for when you die, you belong to us... you belong to the Terror Wheel.

Title: Dead Pumpkins
Release Date: 1994
01. Dead Pumpkins
Info: Tape single given away ata Hallowicked Clown Show to all ninjas with face paint on.

Title: A Carnival Christmas
Release Date: 1994
01. Santas a Fat Bitch
02. Red Christmas
03. Santa Killas
04. Its Coming
Info: ICP's first Chistmas giveaway single. Features one of ICP's most pupular songs, Santa's a Fat Bitch.

Title: Fat Sweaty Betty
Release Date: 1995
01. Fat Sweaty Betty
Info: Tape single given away to ninjas with paint on at the Mental Warp shows at the Ritz in Michigan.

Title: Forgotten Freshness
Release Date: 1995
01. Ghetto Zone
02. Santa's a Fat Bitch
03. Clown Luv
04. Dog Beats
05. Southwest Strangla
06. Hey Vato
07. Life at Risk
08. Fat Sweaty Betty
09. Ask You Somethin
10. 3 Rings
11. Dead Pumpkins
Info: This ICP album contains their rare, hard to find shit that never appeared anywhere else. These songs range from Inner City Posse to Riddle Box, all are off the hook.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Chicken Huntin'
Release Date: 1995
01. Slaughterhouse No Blood Radio
02. Slaughterhouse Radio/Video
03. Original Recipe
04. Slaughterhouse Street
05. Radio Acappella
06. Slaughterhouse Mixtramental
Info: This is a promo CD for one of ICP's most populare songs "Chicken Hintin'." It has six different versions including an edited original version from Ringmaster. There were three versions to this promo CD and a vinyl.

Title: The Joker's Wild
Release Date: 1995
01. The Joker's Wild
Info: Tape single and sampler for ICP's third Joker's Card, The Riddle Box

Title: The Riddle Box
Release Date: 1995
01. Intro
02. Riddle Box
03. The Show Must Go On
04. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
05. Interview
06. Toy Box
07. Cemetary Girl
08. 3 Rings
09. Headless Boogie
10. The Joker's Wild
11. Dead Body Man
12. Lil' Somthin' Somthin'
13. Ol' Evil Eye
14. 12
15. The Killing Fields
16. I'm Coming Home
Info: The Riddlebox was the third Joker's Card. It was released in towns outside of Detroit such as Dallas and St. Louis. This was a more dark, evil sound for ICP than heard before. It also was they're first release on a major label (Jive Records).

Title: Mr. Rotten Treats
Release Date: 1995
01. Mr. Rotten Treats
Info: Tape single given away at a Hallowicked Clown Show to all ninjas with paint on.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Tunnel Of Love
Release Date: 1996
01. Intro
02. Cotton Candy
03. Super Balls
04. Ninja
05. Stomp
06. Prom Queen
07. My Kind of Bitch
08. When I Get Out
09. Mental Warp (XXX Version Only)
Info: Sweet Candy Nuts (2 Dope) and The Maker of Love (Violent J) express their true inner feelings about love making... however twiztid it may be. If you got tha number from the hidden song it told you the fouth Joker's Card name. (Great Milenko for the wagon hoppers on the site)

No Cover Available Title: Witches and Warlocks
Release Date: 1996
01. Witches and Warlocks
Info: This is a tape single given away to ninjas on a 10-show Hallowicked Clown Show tour.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: The Great Milenko
Release Date: 1997
01. Intro
02. Great Milenko
03. Hokus Pokus
04. Piggy Pie
05. How Many Times?
06. Southwest Voodoo
07. Halls Of Illusions
08. Under The Moon
09. What Is A Juggalo?
10. House Of Horrors
11. Boogie Woogie Wu
12. The Neden Game
13. Hellalujah
14. Down With The Clown
15. Just Like That
16. Pass Me By

Title: Mutilation Mix
Release Date: 1997
01. Cemetary Girl
02. Hey Vato
03. Wagon Wagon
04. Psychopathic
05. Southwest Strangla
06. Never Had It Made
07. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughterhouse Mix)
08. I Stuck Her With My Wang
09. The Loons
10. Red Neck Hoe
11. I'm Coming Home
12. Superballs
13. The Stalker
14. Wizard of the Ghetto
15. Skitzofrantic
16. 3 Rings
17. Murder Go Round
18. Southwest Song
19. Fuck Off
20. Dead Body Man
21. Cotton Candy
22. 17 Dead
23. The Neden game (Alternate Lyrics)
24. House Of Horrors
Info: This album was full of ICP's biggest songs before the national release of Great Milenko. Althoug they were not official hits, they were Juggalo hits and those are the only hits that matter to ICP and Psychopathic Records.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Halls of Illusions
Release Date: 1997
01. Halls of Illusions
Info: ICP takes you on a ride to show you how the world would have been betetr if you weren't born. This attraction was generally for hicks and rednecks that beat their wife and kids. This song was featured on Great Milenko and had a music video.

Title: Mr. Johnson's Head Remix
Release Date: 1997
01. Mr. Johnson's Head Remix
Info: Tape single given away at a Hallowicked to ninjas with paint on. Was suppose to be featured on the Amazing Jeckel Brothers but never made it on the CD.

Title: A Carnival Christmas '97
Release Date: 1997
01. Santas a Fat Bitch
02. Red Christmas
Info: Re-issue of ICP's 1994 Carnival Christmas with more tracks.

Title: Psychopathic Sampler 1998
Release Date: 1998
01. Twiztid - Whatthefuck!?
02. Myzery - Stimulated Dome
03. ICP - Mr. Johnson's Head
Info: Psychopathic Sampler for the 1998 and 1999 albums by ICP, Twiztid, and Myzery.

[ Green Cover ]
[ Red Cover ]
[ Blue Cover ]

Title: Hokus Pokus
Release Date: 1998
1. Hokus Pokus
2. Hokus Pokus (Radio)
3. Hokus Pokus (Headhunta'z Edit)
4. Hokus Pokus (Headhunta'z Edit Radio)
5. Prom Queen
6. My Kind of Bitch
7. Skitzofrantic
Info: This was a big hit song in the UK. It was so big that ICP recorded a music video exclusively for the UK ninjas, but no worry, you can still see it on Shokumentary bitch! There are four versions of the hit song and they're all fresh!

Title: Join the Show
Release Date: 1998
01. Interview
Info: A six minute interview witht the world's most hated band, ICP.

Title: Pumpkin Carver
Release Date: 1998
01. Pumpkin Carvers
02. Interview
Info: Hallowicked giveaway featuring Twiztid and Kottonmouth Kings. Also features an interview with Violent J discussing the fifth Joker's Card, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.

Title: Forgotten Freshness: Volumes 1 and 2
Release Date: 1998
Volume #1

01. Hey Vato
02. Dead Pumpkins
03. Fat Sweaty Betty
04. Willy Bubba
05. Graveyard (w/Project Born)
06. Fuck Off!
07. I Didn't Mean to Kill Him
08. Southwest Strangla
09. Santa's a Fat Bitch
10. Witching Hour (w/Myzery)

Volume #2

01. Mr. Johnson's Head (Remix)
02. Clown Love
03. Hokus Pokus (Headhunta'z Remix)
04. Red Christmas
05. House of Wonders
06. Mr. Rotten Treats
07. Piggy Pie (Old School)
08. I'm Not Alone
09. $85 Bucks an Hour (w/Twiztid)
10. Halloween on Military Street
11. Dog Beats
12. Mental Warp
Info: This was ICP's first double album. Both CDs are packed with total ICP freshness from cut songs, rare songs, and shitty songs that ICP thought weren't good enough. Some old school shit is featured as well as some dead in the ground shit!

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Phat or Wack?
Release Date: 1999
1. Phat or Wack
Info: This CD was a sampler for the Amazing Jeckel Brothers and Mostasteless (re-release) albums. They were given away at WCW Monday Nitro and Thursday Night Thunder shows by the Psychopathic street team.

Title: Fuck the World
Release Date: 1999
01. Fuck The World (Radio Version)
02. Fuck The World (Street Version)
Info: Amazing Jeckel Brothers single. Sent to very few radio stations around the nation.

Title: Party Mix
Release Date: 1999
1. The Party Mix (Clean Edit) Remixed by Jason "Big Mama" Jones at KPTY-FM in Phoenix
2. The Party Mix (Clean Version) Remixed by Jimmy Da Geek at KXME-FM in Honolulu.
Info: This is a promo given to radio stations it contains samples of ICP songs mixed together remixed by two radio DJs as you can see. It features songs from The Great Milenko.

Title: Mad Proefessor
Release Date: 1999
01. Mad Professor
02. The New Shit Sampler
Info: Amazing Jeckel Brothers single.

Title: The Dirtball
Release Date: 1999
01. The Dirtball (w/ Twiztid)
Info: This single was given away in select copies of the three covers of AP Magazine that covered ICP. Only around 5,000 were pressed and was considered a promo for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers even though this song wasn't featured on the album.

[ Limited (Yellow Case) ]
[ Regular (Yellow Case) ]
[ Limited (Red Case) ]
[ Regular (Red Case) ]
[ Promo (Jake/Jack) ]

Title: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
Release Date: 1999
01. Intro
02. Jake Jeckel
03. Bring It On
04. I Want My Shit
05. Bitches
06. Terrible
07. I Stab People
08. Another Love Song
09. Everybody Rize
10. Play With Me
11. Jack Jeckel
12. Fuck The World
13. The Shaggy Show
14. Mad Professor
15. Assassins
16. Echoside
17. Nothing's Left
Info: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, The Fifth Joker's Card, and another change in style of ICP's music. Centered on Jack "the sinister" and Jake "the just". These two jugglers pass balls symbolizing your sins, Jack trying his best to make Jake fumble and drop a ball and with that ending your judgement and descending you to Hell...and likewise. This album features appearances by Ol' Dirty Bastard, Snoop Dog and Twiztid.

Title: Sleep Walker
Release Date: 1999
01. Sleep Walker
Info: Hallowicked '99 Clown Show giveaway to ninjas in face paint.

Title: Psychopathics From Outer Space
Release Date: 1999
01. The Dirt Ball
02. Murder, Murder, Murder
03. $50 Bucks
04. Blam!
05. Sleep Walker
06. R-U-A Ryda?
07. She Aint Afraid
08. Slim Anus
09. Dead End
10. Red Neck Hoe '99
11. Somebody's Dissin'
12. The Amazing Maze
13. Old School Pervert
14. Who?
15. Meat Cleaver
Info: This is a compilation CD with ICP, Twiztid and Psychopathic Rydas. This CD contains form cut, unreleased, and hard to find material. Some Pendulum and Original Mostasteless songs can be found on this awesome CD.

No Cover Available Title: Golden Goldies
Release Date: 1999
01. Intro
02. Golden Bullets
03. BBQ on the Boulevard
04. Booty Funk
05. Big Cadillac
06. Knowledge is Golden
07. I'll Stab Your Fuckin' Face
08. 13 Mile
09. I Love You
10. Fools Gold
Info: When Riddle Box went gold on the charts, ICP and Psychopathic Records make a celebration CD as the group Golden Goldies and made an album called "Gimme Dem Fuckin' Nuggets Bitch Or I'll Punch Your Fuckin' Face". Psychopathic Records held a concert for members of the fan club. The concert was for the group Golden Goldies, members consisting of Golden Toby, Golden Gram, The Golden Warrior, and many more All of the assumed aliases can be found in the re-issue of Riddle Box. J, Shaggy, Jumpsteady, Legs Diamond, Billy, and more were all in this show.

Title: Jacob's Word
Release Date: 2000
01. Jacob's Word
Info: Single given away at leg three of the Wicked Clowns From Outer Space tour if you brought ten canned goods.

Title: Bizaar/Bizzar Sampler
Release Date: 2000
01. Sampler (Various Tracks)
Info: Sampler for ICP's last CDs on Island Records, Bizaar and Bizzar. These were given away by the street team to random ninjas.

Title: Let's Go All The Way
Release Date: 2000
01. Let's Go All The Way
Info: This single was given to plenty of radio stations around America to promote Bizaar/Bizzar. Out of all the ICP songs played on the radio, this one was given the most airplay and the song even was played on MTV during primetime.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Bizaar
Release Date: 2000
01. Intro
02. Take Me Away
02. Fearless
04. Rainbows and Stuff
05. Whut
06. Still Stabbin'
07. Tilt-A-Whirl
08. We Gives No Fuck
09. Please Don't Hate Me
10. Behind the Paint
11. My Homie Baby Mama
12. The Pendulum's Promise
Info: One of the two CD's released on Halloween 2000. Some believe that the two albums were made just to get off of Island Records, others believe it was to win a bet with Sharon Osbourne made after Jeckel Brothers released. Either way it's a new style for ICP. A more, happy style. The alternative cover was given away in the box set only available at Hallowicked 2000.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Bizzar
Release Date: 2000
01. Intro
02. Bizzar
02. Cherry Pie (I Need A Freak)
04. Questions
05. Mr. Happy
06. Radio Stars
07. My Axe
08. If
09. Let's Go All the Way
10. Let a Killa
11. Juggalo Paradise
12. Crystal Ball
Info: One of the two CD's released on Halloween 2000. Some believe that the two albums were made just to get off of Island Records, others believe it was to win a bet with Sharon Osbourne made after Jeckel Brothers released. Either way it's a new style for ICP. A more, happy style. The alternative cover was given away in the box set only available at Hallowicked 2000.

Title: Hallowicked 2000
Release Date: 2000
01. Toxic Love
02. Pumpkin Carver
03. Halloween on Military St.
04. Dead Pumpkins
05. Mr. Rotten Treats
06. Mr. Johnson's Head (Remix)
07. Sleepwalker
08. Juggalo Party
Info: This cd was released given away on Halloween 2000 at Hallowicked. It was given away in a box set only available at this event. It features all previous Hallowicked singles and a new one by ICP. Also features Twiztid's first Hallowicked song.

Title: Dark Carnival Action Figures
Release Date: 2001
01. Jacob's Word
02. Posse on Broadway
03. Toxic Love
04. Ain't Nuttin But A Bitch Thang
Info: This is a CD that came with the exclusive Spencer ICP figures.

Title: Psychopathic Sampler 2001
Release Date: 2001
01. ICP - Fuck Dem w/Marz
02. Sampler (Dark Lotus, Blaze, and Marz)
Info: This sampler was given away only on the second leg of the Bizaar/Bizzar tour. It features a collab with ICP and Marz. The rest of the sampler contains snippets from the highly anticipated debut album of Dark Lotus, Blaze's upcoming CD, as well as promotion for Marz debut cd.

Title: Forgotten Freshness: Volume 3
Release Date: 2001
1. Intro
2. Cartoon Nightmares
3. Posse on Vernor
4. Fly Away
5. It
6. Run!
7. Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang
8. Just Another Crazy Click
9. Take It!
10. Super Star
11. Every Halloween
12. The Mom Song
13. Insane Killers
14. Confessions
15. When Vampiro Gets High
16. Take Me Home
Info: This is new ICP shit that has been heard before but never officially release on an album by Psychopathic Records... from WCW to Hallowicked, it has it all!

Title: The Pendulum
Release Date: 2000-2001
CD Singles Combined

01. The Amazing Maze
02. I Don't Care
03. $50 Bucks
04. Great Show
05. Toxic Love
06. Ain't Nothin' But A Bitch Thang
07. What Rydas Do Fo' Money
08. Who Wanna Flex?
09. I Don't Wanna Die
10. Confessions
11. Superstar
12. R-U-Wicked?
13. Run!
14. Skanta Klaws

Official CD Listing

01. The Amazing Maze
02. I Don't Care
03. $50 Bucks
04. Great Show
05. Toxic Love
06. Ain't Nothin' But A Bitch Thang
07. Confessions
08. Superstar
09. R-U-Wicked?
10. Run!
11. Skanta Klaws
Info: This contains 12 CDs (total of 14 songs) release with 12 comics from the Pendulum series. It was also released along with the hardback cover of The Pendulum series. The official CD didn't include the three Psychopathic Rydas single and including a intro (nothing special though).

Title: Big Money Hu$tla$: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release Date: 2002
1. Intro
2. Big $
3. Sugar Bear
4. Fuck the World
5. Cotton Candy
6. Bury Me Alive
7. Bring It On
8. Ninja
9. Bitches
10. Rock the Dead
11. Spin the Bottle
12. Human Tornado
Info: Two years after the movie was released, a soundtrack was available for purchase on the Big Money Hustlas movie tour in spring 2002. Some of the songs feature sound clips from inside of the movie to go along with the scenes each song was played on. It also features the debut songs from Big Baby Sweets and Sugar bear as well as a track from Rudy Ray Moore.

Title: Hatchet History
Release Date: 2002
01. Intro
02. ICP - It's Time
03. Twiztid - 2nd HandSmoke
04. Anybody Killa - Gang Related
05. ICP - Toy Box
06. Blaze - Casket
07. Project Born - Losin' It w/Esham
08. Zug Izland - Sunny Day
09. Myzery - If I Ever Die
10. ICP - Southwest Song
11. Anybody Killa - Hollow Point
12. Blaze - Juggalo Anthem
13. Twiztid - Different
14. Zug Izland - Slam!
15. ICP (feat. ODB) - Bitches
16. Twiztid - Your The Reazon
17. Jumpsteady - Chaos Theroy
18. Dark Lotus - Juggalo Family
Info: This is an overall compilation CD of the best songs from Psychopathic over the past 10 years. It is a celebration of "Ten Years of Choppin'" and even contains some new shit and some shit from old artists such as Myzery and Project Born. Esham the Unholy is featured in a song also. A memoriable CD to any Psychopathic collection.

Title: The Wraith: Shangri-La Sampler
Release Date: 2002
01. Simple and Blunt
02. Knock 2 Dis Mix
03. Juggalo Chant
04. ICP Seminar (From GOTJ2002)
Info: Sampler for The Wraith: Shangri-La. This was givin out by the street team and at ICP signings in California and Florida, The Wraith In-Store tour, and Haunted House Autograph Tour.

Title: Hallowicked 2002
Release Date: 2002
01. Soopa Villans - Silence of the Hams
02. Blaze - Dead Body Man 2002
Info: Single givin away at Hallowicked 2002 featuring "Silence of the Hams" by Super Villains and "Dead Body Man 2002" by Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Title: The Wraith: Shangri-La
Release Date: 2002
01. Walk Into The Light
02. Welcome To The Show
03. Get Ya Wicked On
04. Murder Rap
05. Birthday Bitches
06. BLAAAAM!!!
07. It Rains Diamonds
08. The Staleness
09. Hell's Forecast
10. Juggalo Homies
11. Ain't Yo Bidness
12. We Belong
13. Cotton Candy & Popsicles
14. Crossing The Bridge
15. The Raven's Mirror
16. The Wraith
17. The Unveiling
Info: This is the sixth Joker's Card. The Wraith's exhibit of Shangri-la is devastating and ends the saga of ICP. The 10-year story is unfolded in this CD and it is ICP's more meaningful album.

Title: Wizard of the Hood
Release Date: 2003
01. Intro
02. Let It Rain
03. Yellow Brick Alleyway
04. Homies 2 Smoke With
05. Thug Whilin'
06. Horrible Horrifying
07. What You Thinkin' About?
08. Shiny Diamonds
09. The Wizard's Palace

Bonus Tracks (Regular Version):

10. Axes Swingin'
11. Multiple Myselves

Bonus Tracks (Tin Version):

10. My Shine
11. Bloody Bitch Dead

Info: Join Violent J on a journey back to the ghettos of Detroit. On the way he stumbles upon some homies of bring home and smoke with. This is the debut EP from Violent J and is 35+ minutes of a story. The lyrics are out of this world and the beats are defiantly something different. This is something worth checking out because it's a great EP. The album came in two versions, regular and a tin cover with rolling papers. Each version had two extra tracks that were different.

No Picture Available
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Title: Hallowicked Wonka
Release Date: 2003
01. Thug Pit
Info: Given away at Hallowicked 2003 in Detroit Michigan at the State Theatre, this song features all the acts on ICP's nationwide "Wicked Wonka" tour. Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, and Esham (who wasn't on the tour but appeared anyways.)

Title: Psychopathics From Outer Space: Volume 2
Release Date: December, 2003
1. Intro
2. Violent J, Esham, ABK - Conquer
3. Twiztid - Hollywood I'm Coming
4. Esham - Oldie But Goodie
5. ABK - Warrior
6. Colton Grundy - 10 Bodies
7. ICP w/ Bushwick Bill - Out There
8. Zug Izland - Y
9. ICP/Twiztid/Esham/ABK - Demon Face
10. Jumpsteady - True Stories
11. Violent J - Some Fuckin' How
12. Shaggy/Esham/TNT - 24s on a 84
13. Violent J/ABK - Mr. Sesame Seed
14. Shaggy 2 Dope - Do It
15. Twiztid - Yuwannahoe
16. ICP/2 Live Crew/Esham - Wicked Wild
17. Zug Izland - We Live
18. Blaze & Esham - Bitch Shut Up
19. ICP - Under the Big Top
20. ABK - Stayin' Alive
21. Esham - Killin' Spree
22. Dark Lotus - Grave Robbers
23. Psychopathic Family - Free Studio
Info: The long-awaited sequel to the VERY successful PFOS Volume 1 (1999)! This features 23 BRAND NEW tracks from ICP, Twiztid, Colton Grundy (Blaze), ABK, Esham, Zug Izland, and Jumpsteady! There are also appearances made by the 2 Live Crew and Bushwick Bill!

Cover Not Available Title: "I Hate Santa Clause"
Release Date: 2003
01. ICP & ABK - I Hate Santa Clause
Info: Single given away in MP3 format online at InsaneClownPosse.com and HatchetWarrior.com

Title: The Wraith: Hell's Pit
Release Date: August 31st, 2004
1. Intro
2. Walk into the Darkness
3. Suicide Hotline
4. C.P.K's
5. Truly Alone
6. Everyday I Die
7. The Night of the 44
8. The Witch
9. Bowling Balls
10. 24
11. Burning Up
12. Sedatives
13. In My Room
14. Basehead Attack
15. Angels Falling
16. Manic Depressive
17. Real Underground Baby
Info: This is the last of the historic saga of Joker's cards that the Insane Clown Posse has released over the past 12 years! The clowns truly went back to their roots: the Wicked Shit! This album is the perfect complement to the "Raining Diamonds" era of "The Wraith: Shangri-La"! 2 versions of Hell's pit came out: 1 including a 3D DVD of a 15 minute short movie called "Bowling Balls", and the other containing concert footage from the "Wicked Wonka" tour in Denver, Colorado, as well as a video compilation for the final track - "Real Underground Baby".

Title: Hallowicked 2004
Release Date: October 31, 2004
01. Murda Cloak
Info: Single givin away at Hallowicked 2004 featuring "Murda Cloak" by ICP and ABK with production by Esham.

Twiztid/HOK cd'z (jacked from other sites and we are sorry if we tricked u!)

Title: Mostasteless (Baby Cover)
Release Date: 1997
01. Twiztid
02. 2nd Hand Smoke
03. Diemuthafuckadie
04. Smoke Break
05. Murder Murder Murder
06. 1st Day Out
07. Somebody Dissin' U
08. Meat Cleaver
09. How Does It Feel?
10. She Ain't Afraid
11. Whatthefuck?!?
12. Anotha Smoke Break
13. $85 Bucks An Hour
14. Renditions Of Reality
15. ???
Info: The first Mostasteless album. This features the same tracks as the Mostasteless local version. Although this album never hit store shelves, it is rumored to exist. There have also been rumors of it being released at a gathering.

Title: Mostasteless (Local Release)
Release Date: 1998
01. Twiztid
02. 2nd Hand Smoke
03. Diemuthafuckadie
04. Smoke Break
05. Murder Murder Murder
06. 1st Day Out
07. Somebody Dissin' U
08. Meat Cleaver
09. How Does It Feel?
10. She Ain't Afraid
11. Whatthefuck?!?
12. Anotha Smoke Break
13. $85 Bucks An Hour
14. Renditions Of Reality
15. ???
Info: Pretty much the same as the Baby Cover version but a different cover. The baby cover we've all heard the stories for on why it's not available because of the cover. This was the re-release that was available only around the mid-west portion of America.

Title: Mostasteless (Nationwide Release)
Release Date: 1999
01. Twiztid
02. 2nd Hand Smoke
03. Diemuthafuckadie
04. Rock The Dead
05. Spin The Bottle
06. Blink
07. How Does It Feel?
08. $85 Bucks An Hour
09. 1st Day Out
10. Whatthefuck?!?
11. Bury Me Alive
12. Hound Dogs
13. Renditions Of Reality
Info: This release of Mostasteless in 1999 was the last release of this awesome CD. Some songs were cut (Murder Murder Murder, Meat Cleaver, Smoke Break, etc.) but some addas flavor was put in! You can find this album at most CD stores nation-wide.

Title: Rock The Dead (Single)
Release Date: 1999
01. Rock The Dead (Album Version)
02. Rock The Dead (Street Version)
Info: It is rumored that this single CD was only given to select radio stations nation-wide. This is very rare, so if you ever get your hands on one of these, DON'T LET IT GO!

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Cryptic Collection - Volume 1
Release Date: 2000
01. Twiztid (Intro #2)
02. Whatthefuck!?!? (Extra Crispy Mix)
03. I Could
04. Ain't A Damn Thang Changed
05. Bad Dream
06. Somebody Dissin' U (w/ Blaze)
07. BLAM!
08. Something Weird
09. Meat Cleaver
10. Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Bones
11. Renditions of Reality
12. Put It Down (Blaze)
Info: This CD is packed with rare, cut out, and songs that never made it. It's very fresh. Blaze has a track on it entitled "Put it down."

Title: FreakShow Sampler
Release Date: 2000
01. Various tracks in one.
Info: This is a sampler for Twiztid's "FreekShow" album. It is not hard to find. This sampler is know for it's quote, "Oh yeah! Cosmic pimpin' with a space suit on!" Also, the "We Don't Die" track featured on this sampler is different then the one on the actual album.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: FreakShow
Release Date: 2000
01. Intro
02. Mutant X
03. We Don't Die
04. Fall Apart
05. Fuckonthe1stdate
06. Do You Really Know?
07. Leave Me Alone
08. People Are Strange
09. All I Ever Wanted
10. I Wanna Be...
11. Bagz
12. Wut The Dead Like
13. Empty
14. Where It'z Goin' Down
15. Broken Wingz
16. Maniac Killa
17. Different
18. I'm Alright
Info: Twiztid at their best! This is definitely Twiztid's best album so far! It ranges between songs: songs for the pimps and songs for the killers! A definite MUST BUY!

Title: We Don't Die (Single)
Release Date: 2000
01. We Don't Die (Radio Version)
02. We Don't Die (Juggalo Version)
Info: This CD was given only to radio stations and Music Video stations. It came with the music video (edited).

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: Cryptic Collection Volume 2
Release Date: 2001
01. FreekShow (Intro 2)
02. Murder Murder Murder
03. Liquid Freind
04. I Remember
05. Smoke Break
06. Why The Children?
07. I Don't Care
08. She Ain't Afraid
09. Homebound
10. Unrational
11. We Don't Die (Non-Rock)
12. Anotha Smoke Break
13. Juggalo Party
14. Drunken Ninja Master
Info: Dope... the only thing I need to say about the CD. It basically speaks for itself. Its packing old shit, new shit, and just fresh shit! Pick one up at the official on-line store!

Title: A Very Twiztid X-Mas (Free Download)
Release Date: 2001
01. A Very Twiztid X-Mas
Info: This was a free mp3 given away as a christmas present from Twiztid, and Blaze to the juggalos and Twiztid.com

Title: Wrong With Me (Give Away)
Release Date: 2002
01. Wrong With Me
Info: DOPE fucking side project of Twiztid, hopefully this isn't the last of this group only known as "Black Majik". The only way to get your hands on this way to be one of the lucky people who got a flyer at Hallowicked 2001.

Title: Mirror/Mirror (Sampler)
Release Date: 2002
01. Various tracks in one.
Info: This is a sampler for Twiztid's "Mirror-Mirror" album. This was given out in late 2001, and early 2002 at various Psychopathic events. It's pretty common and not that hard to find a good collectors item.

Title: Mirror/Mirror
Release Date: 2002
01. Mirror
02. Reflections
03. The World
04. 4 Thoze Of U
05. Through Your Eyez
06. Whatz That!?!
07. Leff Field
08. Dirty Lil' Girl
09. CNT
10. Alone
11. Your The Reazon
Info: DOPE fucking EP from those 2 crazy Serial Killaz Twiztid! This cd has classic songs such as Your the Reazon, CNT, Alone, and many more. Plus a very Sexual song called "Dirty Lil' Girl". A Juggalo must own this cd!

Title: Green Pumpkins (Free Download)
Release Date: 2002
01. Green Pumpkins
Info: This was a free mp3 given away at Twiztid.com as a trick-or-treat present for all the juggalos and juggalettes.

Title: 4 The Fam (EP)
Release Date: 2003
01. Wigsplit (Jalepano & Nacho Dip Mix)
02. Superstar
03. Gravy Boatz
04. Light N' Truth
05. Vintage Interview With Monoxide
Info: Free EP released over at Twiztid.com to show appreciation to the juggalos for sticking behind Twiztid through the thick and thin in the past and through the future. Very awesome EP with great beats and lyrics.

Title: Green Book Sampler
Release Date: 2003
01. Various Tracks In One
Info: Sampler given away for download at Twiztid.com and then later given away by the Green Book street team. Includes intros from all previous Twiztid LP's blended together.

Title: The Green Book
Release Date: 2003
01. The Green Book
02. On The Other End
03. White Trash
04. Afraid Of Me
05. Wondering Why? (Feat. Mike E. Clark)
06. Call Me
07. The Only One (Feat. Shaggy 2 Dope)
08. Speculationz (Feat. E40)
09. The World is Hell (Feat. Esham)
10. Nikateen
11. You Don't Wanna Be Like Me
12. Serial Killa (Feat. Tech N9ne)
13. Marsh Lagoon (Feat. Violent J)
14. Bobby's Dad
15. Hydro
16. Frankenstein (Feat. Colton Grundy)
17. Everybody Diez (Feat. Bushwick Bill & ABK)
18. Fat Kidz
19. Hom-Sha-Bom
20. Darkness
Info: Twiztid's biggest and darkest album to date. The album is through Jamie and Paul's eyes rather then the eyes of the Juggalos. This album features some fresh ass guests which include Psychopathic and non-Psychopathic artists. It is very diverse and is truly amazing.

Title: The Fright Fest EP
Release Date: 2003
01. Welcome
02. Pimples On Ya Pumpin
03. Sweet Tooth
04. Wake Up
05. High On Halloween
Info: The Fright Fest 2003 album was a giveaway at Twiztid's first ever Fright Fest Halloween show. It has 5 tracks and breaks new grounds by bringing back the devastating trio: Monoxide, Madrox, and the R.O.C. Other guests include ABK, Blaze, and JD Tha Weedman (Monoxide's Brother).

Title: Christmas in the Hood (Free Download)
Release Date: 2003
01. Christmas in the Hood
Info: This MP3 was given away at Christmas time of 2003 at Twiztid.com. It features Twiztid, Blaze, Lavel, Wolfpac, and the R.O.C.!

Title: Cryptic Collection 3
Release Date: 2004
01. Trash Witro [Remix]
02. Static
03. 4 Those of You [Remix]
04. Keep It Movin'
05. 2nd Hand Smoke [Remix]
06. Listen
07. She Said [Remix]
08. Shock & Awe
09. Joker
10. Lil' Secret
11. Fucmyself
12. Know Good
13. Wrong with Me [Remix]
Info: Twiztid flipped the script with this 3rd edition of the Cryptic Collection series. Every track on here is one that nobody had heard yet. Be it a remix, or an entire new track, Juggalos loved every minute of it! Includes a classic cover of the Steve Miller Band's track: "Joker"!

Title: Chainsmoker LP
Release Date: November 16, 2004
01. Lite It Up
02. Drive Thru
03. See Me
04. Wut Would You Do
05. Blaze
06. Outta My Way
07. Bring Me Down
08. I'm Out
09. Slut
10. Rite Quick
11. Shoe Fitz
12. Change
13. Evil
14. That's Real
Info: At the Gathering 2004, Monoxide announced that his first ever SOLO EP would be coming out later that year. Well, the EP turned into an LP, and it was released in mid November of 2004. Will this be the first of a line of solo albums from the Twiztid camp?

Blaze and ABK cd'z
Title: Krazy Klan - Frustrationz
Release Date: 1995
01. Intro - Respect (The Klan)
02. Frustrationz
03. Runnin' From Insanity
04. Boom
05. Quick Trick
06. Take It Off
07. 4U2NV
Info: The first Krazy Klan (Lavel & ABK) album, pressed only in tape and very rare to get. the skull that graces the cover was designed by Mr Bones, aka Jamie Madrox of twiztid.

Title: Krazy Klan - DevelopMENTAL
Release Date: 1999
01. Intro
02. Can You Feel It?
03. Yo Crib
04. Last Night
05. Developmental
06. Frustrationz
07. Do You Believe?
08. Time
09. Ride
10. In The Basement
11. 2 Different Krazy's (w/ HOK)
Info: The second release by the Krazy Klan. This album was released on Slangtown Records, and pressed in CD format only. This album features guest appearances from House of Krazees (Sol and Skrapz, Halfbreed).

Title: Native Funk - Rain From The Sun
Release Date: 2000
01. Intro
02. Solo
03. Is It Real
04. Interview
05. Boom
06. Cloned Images
07. Takin' Over
08. True Tales
09. Gillatine
10. State of Mind
11. Gratiot Confusion
12. Slangtown
13. Rain From The Sun
14. Outro
Info: The First Jaymo solo album, when he used the name Native Funk. This album was released only on CD by Slang Town Records. It features guest appearances by Halfbreed, Jeremy Methric (Monoxides Brother), and other Slang Town artists. During the recording of this album, Jaymo's sister died, and some of the songs on this album have references to her, and so the mood changes from song to song on this.(?)* A fresh album, and rare.

Title: Drive-By (Blaze & ABK) - Foo-Dang!
Release Date: 2002
01. Foo-Dang!
Info: This song was released as an internet release on BlazeYaDeadHomie.com in February 2002.

Title: Anybody Killa - Hatchet Warrior
Release Date: 2003
01 - Intro
02. Close Call
03. Kill Me
04. Sticky Icky Situation
05. Ya Neden's Haunted
06. Ghetto Neighbor
07. Come Out To Play
08. Hated Me
09. Tools
10. While You're Sleeping
11. Hollowpoint
12. If You Don't Know
13. Foo-Dang
14. Gang Related
15. In The City
Info: After 3 years of pushbacks, being turned from a EP into a LP, massive touring, hoes, and oil on his nubbin', the wait is finally over. 15 tracks of the native wicked shit that only a killer of anybody known as Anybody Killa could bring. Features long time homie Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Violent J, Monoxide Child, and even the one and only Paris! To top it all off, the cd ends with a cover of the Eagles song entitled "In The City".

Title: Anybody Killa - Hey Y'all
Release Date: 2004
01. - Hey Y'all
Info: This was the Juggalos first taste of ABK's album, "Dirty History."

Title: Anybody Killa - Dirty History
Release Date: 2004
01. - Intro
02. Bombs On You
03. Stick and Move
04. Down Here (with Violent J)
05. Gimme Ah Beat
06. Party at the Liquor Store (with Colton Grundy)
07. Hey Yall
08. Retaliate (with Twiztid)
09. Trees and Woods
10. Nevehoe (with Shaggy 2 Dope)
11. Laugh at You
12. It Doesn't Matta (with Colton Grundy)
13. Oh No
14. Charlie Brown (with Velvet J)
15. Put My Life on It
16. Can't Help It
17. 2 Whom This May Concern
Info: "Dirty History" is ABK's sophomore album on Psychopathic records. Many feel like this is leaps and bounds better than his debut, "Hatchet Warrior"! With only Psychopathic artists appearing as guests on the album, it is destined to become a Juggalo classic!

Title: Self-Titled EP
Release Date: 2000
01. Back From The Dead
02. Real G Shit
03. In Case You Forgot
04. I Go To Work
05. Put It Down
06. Shittalkaz
Info: Blaze's first release on Psychopathic Records. Six tracks of tha wicked dead underground rap that Blaze spits with tha quickness.

[ Regular Cover ]
[ Alternative Cover ]

Title: 1 Less G In Tha Hood
Release Date: 2001
01. The Eulogy
02. Grave Ain't No Place
03. Casket
04. Juggalo Anthem
05. Nasty
06. Str8 Outa Detroit
07. Maggot Face
08. Here I Am
09. Hood Ratz
10. Hatchet Luv
11. Saturday Afternoon
12. Given Half The Chance
13. U Can't Hurt Me Now
14. Thug 4 Life
15. Hatchet Execution
Info: Blaze's first full length album. This is a Psychopathic album at it's greatest because it is full of many styles of rap. It was rumored to have a second cover but that's yet to have been confirmed.

Title: Foo-Dang Single
Release Date: 2002
01. Foo-Dang!
Info: The first official Drive-By (Blaze and ABK) release. It was available for download in MP3 at Blaze/ABK's official website. This was later re-made for ABK's debut album released the next year.

Title: Colton Grundy
Release Date: October 19th, 2004
01. Bump This Shit
02. The Touch of Death
03. Shot-Gun
04. Etched Out in Chalk
05. If I Fall
06. Hey You
07. Out The Gate
08. Stick Ya Hands Up
09. Further From Truth
10. Dayz of My Neighborhood
11. Roll It Up
12. Mr. Dead Folx
13. 2 Many Bitches
14. Time Line
15. Climbing
Info: After nearly 3 years of ups and downs, a "retirement", a Psychopathic Rydas album, a Lotus album, appearances on various other Psychopathic albums, and more, the Dead Man finally returns with his much anticipated 2nd full-length LP!

Dark Lotus/Psychopathic Rydas cd'z

Title: Echo Side
Release Date: 1999
01. Echo Side
Info: This was released after the Insane Clown Posse's Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Also featured on that album, this is considered to be the first song produced by Dark Lotus. This is the same version as on the album, but comes as a single in an un-marked black sleeve.

Title: Tales from the Lotus Pod
Release Date: 2001
01. Intro
02. Ali-Ba-Ba
03. Something
04. Hurt Myself
05. Call Upon Your Gods
06. We Danced
07. Black Magic
08. Gimme Dat Blood
09. Headache
10. Bad Rep
11. Bitch I'm Sexy
12. Swarm
13. I Wanna Die
14. Black Crows
15. Juggalo Family
16. Dot Com
Info: The long awaited debut cd of the super group Dark Lotus. Members consisted of Violent J, Blaze, Marz, Shaggy 2 Dope, Monoxide Child, and Jamie Madrox. After three years off, they debuted along with their first concert in Toledo, Ohio at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2001.

Title: Tales from the Lotus Pod (Re-Release)
Release Date: 2002
01. Intro
02. Ali-Ba-Ba
03. Something
04. Hurt Myself
05. Call Upon Your Gods
06. We Danced
07. Black Magic
08. Gimme Dat Blood
09. Headache
10. Bad Rep
11. Bitch I'm Sexy
12. Swarm
13. I Wanna Die
14. Black Crows
15. Juggalo Family
16. Dot Com
Info: After the situation with Marz being removed from the Lotus line-up Psychopathic needed a sixth member, at the time Anybody Killa was busy with his debut LP and touring. So they signed him and made him the sixth member. This version had Marz lines removed from the songs and had ABK put in their place. Some juggalos would dispute whether this was a good move because some enjoyed Marz rather than ABK, regardless the opinions the lotus will continue on.

Title: Black Rain
Release Date: 2004
01. Intro
02. Black Rain
03. Ka-Boom!
04. That's Me
05. Consume Your Soul
06. She Was
07. Corrosion
08. My First Time
09. With the Lotus
10. Hell House
11. Jump Off
12. The Walls
13. Doornail Dorothy
14. Pass the Ax
15. Death Don't Want You
Info: This album was surrounded by a ton of controversy in the Psychopathic Camp. It had been rumored that Twiztid would be leaving the Hatchet, and starting up their own label. Just as everybody thought this was going to happen, there was announcement of a new Lotus album: "Black Rain". Though the album came out in a hurry, and without the help of Mike E. Clark, "Black Rain" shows that then the Lotus is in full effect, so is the flavor!


Title: Dumpin'
Release Date: 1999
01. Dumpin'
02. Skrilla 4 Rilla
03. R-U-A Ryda?
04. Everyday
05. Ryda Hata
06. Slug N Ya Noggin
07. Ghetto Fantasies
08. Who?
09. Killa Ova Nuttin'
10. Plug Dat Puss
11. Back 2 Crack
12. Rydin' 4 Life
Info: This was the first ever-Psychopathic Rydas album. When it first came out, it was not available in stores. It was only available through a contest in the Amazing Jeckel Brother's book. Now it can it can be found in almost any record store. This album contained older hip-hop beats from the earlier 1990's rap era.

Title: Pendulum #7 Single
Release Date: 2001
01. What Rydas Do For Money
02. Who Wanna Flex
03. I Don't Wanna Die
Info: A Pendulum CD with 3 Ryda Solo songs. 2 by Bullet, one by Full Clip. This can be found in all "Pendulum 7" comics.

Title: Ryden Dirtay
Release Date: 2001
01. Intrizzo
02. Gangsta Shit
03. Nobody In Dis
04. Never Gone Quit (w/ Lil' Poot)
05. BOOM!
06. Ryde 2 Da End
07. Bye Bye
08. Dem Bitches
09. There It Goes
10. Ryden Dirtay
11. Ryde Out
12. Thumpin'
13. Murder Follows Me
Info: The second Psychopathic Rydas release. Sold in stores across the nation, made w/out Twin Gats. This album features beats from a new hip-hop generation such as Shaggy, DMX, etc.

Title: Check Your Shit In Bitch!
Release Date: 2004
01. Intro
02. Time 2 Ride
03. 4 My Rydas
04. PimpSuit
05. Crackin'
06. Gunsmoke
07. Scrimps
08. Ride Off
09. Money Green
10. Murder Fo' Hire
11. Guilty
12. Run That
13. Last Ride
Info: After a 3 year hiatus, the Rydas are back with more stolen beats, and 2 new members: Sawed Off and Converse! This album is full of bangin' gangsta shit, and is a must have for any Rydas fan!

Title: 2004 single (untitled)
Release Date: 2004
01. Scrimps
02. Sleep Wit The Fishes
03. Rydas Don't Dance
04. No Luv
Info: This mini EP was sold alongside "Check Your Shit In Bitch" at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004, and has not been seen for sale ever since! No word yet if that will change.

JumpSteady Cd'z

Title: Chaos Theory
Release Date: 2002
01. Intro
02. Outcha Mouth
03. In The Last Second
04. Mad Mad World
05. Chaos Theory
06. Ninjas In Action
07. Joke Ya Mind
08. Sammy Song (Hidden Track)
Info: The long-awaited Jumpsteady album. This album is all about Jumpsteady, who he is, and what he is here for. There is a remake of the ICP song "Joke Ya Mind."
Master of the Flyin Gulitine coming soon!