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Welcome to The New!
first we would like to say sorry to those that loved or hated our old site. well it shutted down and here we had to make a new one so bear with us and have a nice day! ^-^

Feel Free To Look around. theres gonna be sum new changes in this one so herez tha rulez:

#1: NO PORN IN THIS SITE!! -no posting of porno at this website.
#2: NO SHITTALKIN! - This rule applys to the messege board.
Thanks and enjoy!

The Juggaloz/juggalettez High School Stoner Band! (Webmasterz)

PsYcHoPaThIc_GoKu Ya DeAd HoMiE: Vocals
Gothichatchetmaiden: Rhythm Guitar
Hatchet_Bytch: Drums
Pyro: Bass
Cryptic: Lead Guitar


Juggalo shit All Day Mutha Fuckao!
Wayz to hear ya Favorte Serial Killaz (hotlinez):
ICP Wicked Clown Funhouse Hotline: (714) 647-2465
Twiztid Serial Killen Juggalo Hotline: (773) 509-2998
Project: Deadman's Grave Robbin Necrophellia Keep it underground Hotline: (248) 262-6893